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Our Track record Speaks for Itself

Lezmin Computers is an all-encompassing Information Technology service provider to both private and public sectors and has been operational for more than sixteen years after being founded in 2003. Our core focus is to be a preferred service provider through our captivating customer relationships and innovative turn-key business solutions. Lezmin Computers is registered with SITA and are on the following contracts: RFB2003, RFB2005, RFB2007 and RFB1183. We are a value driven organisation which is displayed through our partnerships, affiliations & customer-centric approach.

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Product Selection

In selecting products we realize that a strong bond needs to be established with the OEM and we understand the level of trust that needs to exist between all the parties when proposing a solution. We are therefore most selective in our product choice and prefer to market within the Brand arena as we know that the long term support and training levels are well established and can be maintained to the benefit of our customers.
This approach affords us the opportunity to offer leading edge technology with confidence to our customers as we are assured of ongoing support and can rely on our suppliers to assist in the sales cycle where necessary be this training or the honoring of warranty issues.
Product offerings

Strengths of our product Offerings

We ensure that via training and understanding in the products we propose we can promote the best attributes of the systems offered to our customers. We believe in being and remaining close to our suppliers and will often expose a specific sales plan or strategy to the supplier where we need help or feel we have to close a deal for a strategic reason as we know the level of trust will not be breached or compromised.
Repaie and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

We have several fully trained technicians in both our Bloemfontein, Welkom and  Kimberley offices and are able to not only undertake repairs to a wide range of systems including the servicing and repair of printers, to the installation of sophisticated network solutions. To this end our technicians are Molex certified. This international standard assures the highest level of quality available in the market. This standard is internationally recognized and is subject to ongoing quality inspection being applied to all new sites.


Lezmin Computers offer value and quality through our tailor-made solutions and experience in the Information & Communication Technology sector. Our focused approach places us in a unique position to best establish client output needs with the best input standards and technology to achieve optimal solutions. We thrive to extend our knowledge in our sector to provide best market solutions to our customers, creating a value driven organization which we and our customers can be proud of.